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This page is about Love Retrievals Spells and the Criteria that must be met via the Client and Caster.

I will attempt to explain this process, so that a perspective Client will be fully informed and know what to expect over all, should a person decide to move forward with this type of spell. Initially, when a Client engages in this type of spell activity, it becomes imperative for the Client to perform certain tasks through out the progression of their situation. Such as what is listed below, in order to give their spell casting the greatest chances for success.

Performing the Negativity Releasing Prayer and why it is a curial part of the spell casting process...

When we're all born, our Parents. siblings, Friends, and Teachers, teach us all certain ways of dealing with certain types of situations, that have worked out to their benefit in the past. However, these ways of dealing with their particular situations, may or may not have been, the best or most efficient ways of dealing with their situations, not alone our situations or problems in life. Of course, times do change and so will the ways of dealing with everyday situations, thus making a way of behavior of the 20's, an obsolete way of behaving towards something in the year 2003.

Some of the behaviors of a persons Mother and Father for instance that might have been widely excepted in their time period. Such as, sending a pregnant daughter off to her uncles for the summer to have a child, thus saving the family the embarrassment of it all. Of course this would have been a way of closing their eyes, or burying their head in the sand, to avoid this incident . . . right?

Once the child was born, they sent it to the orphanage, and poof, like magic, out of sight out of mind . . right? But, what did this teach any other children that may have been in the household at the time, concerning their sister?. Well, it taught them how to shirk their responsibilities concerning anything that may become inconvenient to them, by shoving their problems off on another. Loyalty doesn't mean anything.

Betrayal is ok. Family means nothing and abandonment of someone is not such a bad thing after all. So, in essence, a child would grow up, subconsciously thinking this was the way to handle a situation of this nature, or perhaps any other situation, that they really didn't want to deal with for that matter. The taught ways of handling situations in life, or problem solving techniques have generally been taught to us from childhood, onward into young adulthood and become personality traits and in later life and then they become a part of our over all nature.

Eventually, if a person has been taught out-moded ways, or wrong ways of dealing with certain situations in their life, then these mental behaviors will manifest into progressing negative personality flaws. These flaws, in time, will over-ride even the most positive traits and change them into negative traits within that persons personality, via becoming emotional imbalances, either to the extreme of being to positive or negative. These emotional imbalances, will in fact, dictate the way a person will react to numerous other related and unrelated situations throughout their life, to their detriment, unless recognized and corrected.

Lets take for example: the emotion of depression, and how it can be beneficial in a persons emotional arsenal. In a way, it keeps a person sober enough, to enable them to see the red flags, or bad situations, that pop up in life they normally wouldn't have seen otherwise, if they were by chance too optimistic in life. Tending to see only the good in everything, when good didn't exist in a particular type of situation. This would, of course, place them unnecessarily in the way, or at risk, of letting strife into their life, because again, they didn't see the red flags of trouble.

On the other hand, if a person is to cynical and walking through life with their head down, more then likely they're going to miss out on positive opportunities in life, such as love, money, friends and good health. Both positive and negative emotion, if not balanced within a persons mental make up, can lead to un-toned or excessive behaviors either positively or in a negative way.

The Negativity Releasing Prayer is one of the best ways known to man, that enables a person, not only to look deep within themselves to see exactly what is there emotionally, but also gives them the opportunity to balance these emotions out before they can turn into blocks that will eminate from ones personality after a while, which as a result could cause many doors in life to close on them, verses having them opened for a person.

The prayer not only shows the person imbalances that exist within their emotion, both on a positive or negative scale, but also gives that person a chance to re-evaluate and modify their own behavior in a more constructive and beneficial way, that will both benefit themselves and those around them. You can read much more about The Negativity Releasing Prayer and how it works just by looking for and pressing the link Negativity Releasing Prayer on the menu.

Once a Client has had all of their questions addressed and is fully informed and comfortable with the spells process, I'll introduce and explain in detail with a person, the negativity releasing prayer, and help them through it. At this point in the spells process, I tend to start in on the creation of the prayer itself, by reviewing the situational history and Clients summary that is usually sent to me via email.

Looking over the imprints, hand drafting the Astrological and Angelic Heresies chart, writing the prayer, making the wax doll effigies, and alining the times in which I will perform the spell, etc. At the same time contact is mandatory between the Client and myself via phone or email, in regards to their progress with the Negativity Releasing Prayer to make certain that they aren't having any problems with it.

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