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"The Mountains Call"

A Poem Of Celebration For James' Birthday..... In Honor Of November 1, 1960 With lots and lots of love, hugs, and kisses From the one who loves, admires, and adores you.....Your beloved Jan Jan

Once again, you my love, and I Fly so high to escape unto the outer realms Bathed in the pearly, amorphous mist Once again .....I am frozen in time, with you...

Upon the cascading rocks of Ancient times of old Like a single second of a fleeting dream That my soul has longed to capture and my soul has dreamt of So many, many times in long lost dreams of forgotten times of old Has now become a reality as I celebrate the vibrance of new life with you Etched by you forever upon my heart with yours... for all eternity.

The mist flows beyond vision fills me as I drink in your sacred breath.. For your sweet breath resting on your words Is that ofnbeautiful magical multi colored frosted dragons... And black shiny Ravens that come to us On many a starry and magical night.

Dragons that glide, that glide through the magical starry mists Of the oft discarded and now vaporous worlds The winds and shadows capture us and take us once again To the sacred mountain tops we celebrate our love and lives together Where the Spirit, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Sea Swirl around us while with us They do joyfully Sing, Dance, and forever with us blend.

Smoke and refreshing mountain mists encircle me as I shape shift with you again... You take my hand like I am your child who seeks to hold your un ending love and wisdom in her hand.... You shape shift into the Magic Black Raven, then together off we fly ! To our peaceful serene and sacred mountain top To share The priceless and Divine Love That Never Ends for you and I.....

And vast, these dragons that so silkily walk the skies, like the billowy clouds that give moist embodiment to the ephemeral fancies of our wandering minds.... Vast like the dragons whose breath is the earthbound fog... That sleeps gently and serenely on our mountain top. The mountains that call to you and me... Are peaceful graceful mammoths of stone with pastel Multi colored bright rainbows

As we lay together on the mountainous crowns The great Elder Gods serenade and hum to us their gentle ancient lullaby Of Their Divine and Sacred hypnotic and motionless dance That whisper over us with the stardust of The Ancient Ones Covering us as we rest and sleep peacefully under Their watchful Ancient Eyes Eternity is now thus let us ascend and meet The Old Ones in the starry skies.

No longer do we dream or sit, for no longer may the idle drawls of this one-sided world, the metallic casing of a priceless pearl, keep silent our listening ears. No longer can we stand the fleshy specters around us, their cries so like those we have ever known, to those that we many times have uttered and have heard. For together we have tasted the rarest joy and laughter,

Together we have talked, planned, and lived our dreams Our laughter and our love has been in times past, And times of now is sweet, and ever shall it always for us be. For now after many a long journey We rest on majestic mountaintop while Gods and Goddesses fill us With all the different flavors of the sweetest honey

Of Their Divine and Sacred Love For we are Them and They are you and I Save for this, the honey that drips its vapors on our long parched We will never again be required for us to ever again deny. This slice of dream of which you and I shall now partake Which compliments our visions of Spirit, Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea.... Who's very touch enraptures you and me

And drives us to continue to pass over again and again Through our doorway to the Elder Gods and Stars....the mountains.... The mountains that call to us And no longer shall we ever again have to resist that call So if perhaps if those that seek and cannot find us May try again tomorrow and then carefully heed and listen For the hum of an Ancient Melody Lullaby Being sung by The Elder Gods to you, and meWhich is the hum from the most remote mountain top

Where beats the phantom drums of rare and Ancient moonlight That haunt the forest then fade deep into the night.....If you really want to find my Daddy James and I, Then try looking to the mountain top =Between the worlds of Sacred Magical Celestial Grids...Where phantasm becons, and Ancient Magical Dragons fly...Where dwells the remnants of The Ancient Avalon's call...Where the magical dragons glide and shiny ravens fly.

For today is my Love James The Raven's Birthday So we are hiding in the Dragon's Magic Wings And we are lost in the mountainous cloudsFeeling the cool mist lingering...As my love James along with me Taste of the honey vapors Of Ancient Gods and Goddesses While we rest ever so peacefully...Upon the whispering sublime misting mountain breeze...Happy Birthday...from your beloved Jan ! Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348

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