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This written work is dedicated to: All in the life long pursuit of Higher Learning for Advancement in Magical Skill and Mental, plus Spiritual Evolution. For we are all the Seekers of truth and justice. We are the teachers of the world. I highly commend both the seasoned women and men of the Magical Arts who make this old world a better place to live in as a result of everyone's positive personal actions. I would just like to again thank you as thanks is not always there for our contributions in this life.

...And to All of you the inspiring Women and Men of the Magical Arts, I would just say that your efforts are to be Highly commended as well. Your dedication to this Noble way of life will pay off in the end so please just keep the faith and stay the course as rewards are waiting for you after the storm. Everyone has to start some place and this is by no means a short or easy journey that your undertaking now. However, you will look back one day and know that it was all worth it, no matter what you're going through now.

The more you learn and experience the more Divinity will come into your lives. The more they come into your lives the more you will be taught in the ways of Heaven by Angels. Read all that you can read and please don't be judgmental towards any certain work or faith because all works and systems of faith have a piece to the puzzle that will eventually give you the key to unlock the Universal secrets. Make no enemy in Divinity and none will make war with you. Read all that you can read. Learn from it then push the books away and listen to Divinity as they are the true teachers of man. Please know that I am honored to have you here on the site today but also in the fact that we're all striving together in the pursuit of truth and happiness in our lives.

What is it to be a "Wizard or Master of the Arts?." The answer to this isn't a simple explanation by far, I can assure you, as it encompasses numerous variations of mental and physical factors such as: Mindset, Perceptions towards the unseen and unheard Divine, Mental and Physical discipline, Inward Strength, Self happiness and above all else a unshakable faith in the Divine, plus one's self. A Wizard must be sure of his actions, thoughts and advice that he yields to others as he must also understand what motivates his own actions in life and thus this comes through the self realization of what he is and to what roll he plays in the scheme of things.

Usually a Wizard is either born into the art and never quite gets both feet planted on solid ground as one foot always seems to be rooted deeply in the Spiritual realms of Heaven through dreams, actions and experiences. Also, one can be brought into this way of life through a Divine intervention via a near death experience or some other traumatic experience; or moreover a person can study much of their life time to obtain this status. To be a Wizard at a very late age however again one would have to be reborn of the flesh via suffering through a life treating incident of some sort as this will cause the Soul of a person to brush the spiritual realms directly, thus making an inseparable or unbreakable connection between them. A person of the arts always seems to stick out in the crowd no matter how hard they try to conceal themselves, and the masses will be drawn to him.

People and animals alike can see into the outer layers of a Wizard's Soul through his eyes and will tend to feel his approach coming up from behind them, however I have to tell you that a Wizards Soul has great and endless depth to which no end can be found. And when a person happens to gaze into his eyes what they are really looking into is not the eyes of a man but a creature made of many things. His body is of human flesh that can die but his eyes views the world through the eyes of Angels. His Soul is but an extension of the Divine. His heart is one of pure energy connected to both the spiritual and natural worlds which in turn makes him a eternal force once the fleshly shall has worn away. A Wizard has the refinement of a modern man yet the survival instincts of a ancient beast. He can exhibit high levels of compassion however at the same time can rage against injustice. A Wizard is a courtly Knight and a Priest all rolled into one.

When a person naturally falls on to this path in life or is placed on this path through whatever vehicle and for whatever reason by the Divine, then that chosen individual must relinquish all forms of ignorance, as stupidty isn't deemed bliss any longer in one's life. It becomes far from an excuse for a unjust action concerning Heaven. Wizards end up living a shorter life span then most or perhaps what was initially even ordained by Creation for them in the beginning via their excelled mental and spiritual evolution. It would take a normal person a life time of 70 or 80 years to learn the lessons in life provided by Divinity however the Wizard learns in half the time thus racing through this life on a lighting bolt.

If a person enters into the spiritual life of a Wizard then that person enters into a life of Self Inflected Poverty, Selflessness, Humility and constant inflected enlightenment through lessons yielded to them at a excelled rate given of Divinity it self. There's no room for such emotional luxuries as Ego, Pride, Being Judgmental, Prejudges, Power trips, Cowardly or Vengeful and Malicious in any way, least these things will bring a person into ruin and degragation in the end. Divinity holds a Wizard ten times more responsible then the common Soul. When a person enters into the realms of Priesthood or Wizardry then a person relinquishes all manner of earthly wealth and pleasure until Divinity deems that person worthy to receive them.

A Wizard knows that he is just another Seeker traveling through life on a prayer and that in his self can't make even the smallest blade of grass blow in the wind without recognizing his counterpart known as Divinity. A Man or Woman of the art understands that all things in the living and spiritual worlds pivot in perfect balance and are the perfect mates to one another. Moreover, a Wizard understands that the natural and spiritual worlds will never yield all their mysteries so he can never write anything in stone as the minute he or she does they will be proven wrong. To hold the status of Wizard or Master of the Arts means that person belongs more to Divinity then to the physical reality we call the life or humanity.

Wizards tend to be lonely at times as who can understand their minds and hearts other then the Divine? For he has seen the unseen and knows unknowable things to the rest of Humanity. He is the witness to all in the spiritual and earthly realms and knows of both the euphoric joy and the dread of unspeakable horrors that exist deep within the shadows of existence. To a man of the art life is no longer a puzzle to be worked out but more likened to a book that has been read numerous times and like the book feels worn. The dreams of a Wizard are not like that of any other Soul as his dreams breach the doors of time it self and lays out before him the sting of a future realities.

The World tends to be bewildered by the presence of this child of the stars but is held fastly spellbound at the pronunciation of his every word yet the Wizard only wants to be loved for who he is and not for the tricks he can perform. However, the Wizard realizes that this can never be for he no longer belongs to the world and is only on loan from Heaven it self but for a short time. The Masses will always come to the Wizard as they have since the beginning of time and out of those that come to him some will believe and some will doubt, but still all will come to see the curiosity exhibited on the brief stage of life. Those that are closest to the Wizard will love him for his works and what he has done for them in their lives. But others will loath, hate and want to kill him out of ignorance because they can't begin to understand him, so they fear this unique soul to the point of stupidity.

However, a Wizard cares not for his enemies or what they can try to do to him because he knows that they will shortly be put to the test for their deeds and convictions. On the other hand his friends paths are made smooth by his words and touch. Others will come standing in his midst while bearing gifts and kind flatteries only to feel otherwise in their minds and hearts with negative utterings beneath their breath for him. However, the Wizard knows that all are in the hopes of reaching through him to touch the glorious spirit of Creation and thus he will let them in as it is Divinity that strongly compels them to come in their masses. They have no choice other then to grab at this last hope. And why not, as all else has failed them in life? These days a person of the art finds themselves acting in the capacity of not only a Wizard but a Physiologist, Friend, Ally and Confidant as well to all that will seek his or her help.

There will be some negative few that will seek his help but will end up not wanting it after all because the Wizard only speaks brutal truth. But I ask myself and you, would they have it any other way? What is a Wizard? I've been asked this many times through the years. My reply to this would be: A Wizard is the master of all that he surveys in the physical world, however at the same time he is but a loathly servant to the Force of Creation and would have not the power or will to make a ripple upon the surface of a still pond least it was given to him of Divinity. The Wizard is the traveler of both the spiritual and physical realms alike and can transcend time it self as no astral or earthly gate would stay closed to him. Yet the Wizard can become disoriented in strange places leaving him lost in time but not forgotten.

A Wizard understands that he is a part of all things spiritual and physical and it will be these same things that will come and claim him in the end. Nevertheless, his essence will be seen eternally in the twinkle of every star and planetary glow in the Universe. The trees and blades of grass will whisper his name over the ages as the thunder and lightning will serve to remind those left behind that he once walked the realm of Humanity. The Oceans will proclaim his deeds and the Mountains shall be his stone for all to see. Fire and rain will be the essence of his joy and tears as the dust will be the stuff of his forgotten memories. The stardust will be his link back to the ancient line of his ancestors and the wind shall be his spirit of change manifesting it self in a dreaming mind of the unsuspecting.

What is a Wizard some would ask? A Wizard can't be labeled as he or she just is and are what they are. A gift or terror depending on who you are, but still a gift are they to all in the world from Heaven just the same. The possessor of ancient secrets and a low level creator of sorts. A servant in Heaven with Nobility bestowed him upon the green earth yet he walks about in rags and is hardly noticeable to the naked eye. A Wizard can be the raging Soul one minute and in the wink of a eye can be the deliver of untold compassion, for the Wizard is the prisoner of perfect and directed balance in his existence. The Wizard is an old and renown Soul that yields a friendly disposition to the Creator, Goddess, God, Christ and Dark Angel alike for he is connected to all and inseparable from any.

For the Wizard walks through the fields of rest and speaks to all buried therein the wormy earth and musoleums. And those resting Spirits and Souls utter forgotten things in his ear of a time long past for they are happy with his visitation. His presence echos life forever more without death, tears or pain. He is an earthbound noble creature of the stars and represents Divinities life force manifest before all of Creation. But, still he walks barefoot through the grass clothed in only rags with fifty cents to his worth. A true Wizard of the Arts thinks not himself or herself Noble. Rich or Powerful in any way but one of simple pleasures that kneels on bended knee to Heavens command and to those who seek his help. If one should spy a Wizard in the shadows standing in the midst of common places then behold the spirit in the flesh for your about to touch Heavens glory through he or she.

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