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Welcome To Our Testamonial Page 
Updated And Current For 2018.   It is hard to believe but we have just celebrated a brand New Year.   Since last time here, we have had several people write in with brand new testamonials which is very exciting.  We will post more of them after the holiday, as our spell casting business has become so busy this season, we have had to start a waiting list.  We feel this is partly because we are in fact the only REAL spell casters on the web.  

Need Help With Your Situation? Lost All Hope? Call High Enchantress Jan Windglows at 208-714-4348

For the fastest response email High Enchantress Jan at her email address of: Necteres@gmail.com and High Enchantress Jan will be happy to email you her personal cell phone number so you can speak to her personally !!!!!!

All Glory And Honor Be Unto Divinity For Their Love, Power, And Beauty They Give To Each And Every One Of Us
......For Divinity Grants Miracles Each And Every Day..... 

All of the Testamonials on this page are from real people who have been or are currently clientele of Blood Love And Lust Spells.  This page of " Dragon's Eye" includes a brand new testamonial that has just been posted this month of June 2017.....the newest testamonial is at the very top of this page......Glory To Divinity On High !

If you would like contact information to speak to any of the clients listed below, please contact High Enchantress Jan Windglows and you will be sent either or both a telephone number and or e-mail contact address so that you may see for yourself that our spells are the most powerful, fastest acting, very best advanced spell workings that are available in the world.

Simply send an e-mail requesting client contact information for a fast response within 24 hours.

 Wishing All Abundant Blessings And Happiness

High Enchantress Jan Windglows
Master Wizard James Morgan ll



New Miracles From Divinity Happen Everyday!   Are you ready for your miracle from Heaven?

 NEWEST Testimonal Posted December 2, 2017!


My name is Lola.  My boyfriends name is Willie.  Well, William.  He ran away from me one night. He never said why but he left me
alone.  When I woke up he was gone.  No note or anything.  A week later I saw him in a car and he wasn't alone.  He had this tall beautiful blonde with him and guess what they were doing?  They were KISSING and it a public parking lot!  I ran over and started crying asking why.  They drove off while I threw the ring he gave me at the blonde.  She laughed at me and they took off.  Is that messed up or am I missing something?  I promised Enchantress Janet to write this but Willie and I have been busy on a honeymoon cruise together.  We have been out to sea for two weeks already.  I figured why write about so much heartbreak that we had because that is not happening.  The reason is I found a web site company named Castle Dragon's Eye.  It is Enchantress Janet other website company and she is not only nice but she has become such a real friend to both me and Willie. He does not know about any one thing he thinks we are friends so ok that is great.  Willie and I got married and we are beyond happy.  Enchantress Janet said Divinity made it happen.  Cannot tell everyone how happy I am.   I hope if you are reading this that you too will do what I did on my dark hour and day - give Enchantress Janet a call and you will not ever be sorry.  Never.


Posted August 11th, 2017!


I cannot believe Jan is already putting my story up here - it seemed like a long time until the results would happen but time went by so fast!


A husband that left me after 15 long years of marriage.  Raising kids. Working night and working daytime shift too. 


He strayed from me anyway.  He said I didnt pay enough attention to him.  He had a woman on the side seeing her 


for 3 years.  I only found out a month ago, and once I found Jans website I knew somehow she could and would help me.


She was patient. She was kind.  There are a lot of phonies out there.  Jan is not one of them.  You need to trust me when I say that Jan does care - and care very much too.


She spend long hours with me.  We worked with what seemed like MONTHS but it was one month today and he came home.  On his knees he again asked me to marry him.  I was surprised, yes, but said YES.


We are the most happy people now.  No other experience in my life like this one.  This stands out from the rest.


You will not be sorry if you want to work with Jan.  Wow is she ever real!  


Thank you from Bea 



Posted August 31, 2017!


There is so much I can say about having found Divinity and placing Them first in my life.  When I was at my lowest, I found Jan and James....and they led me to Divinity.  Through creating a trust in something much greater than the “God” I had always prayed to, I was led to a force, an energy, a culmination of strength, compassion and love that the Universe possesses. It was so much greater than anything I imagined. I learned to be obedient to my faith in the Universe being so grand, that I need only trust that this “being” knew what I needed, and would give it to me if I simply asked for it and got out of the way. That was hard for me because no sooner did I give my heartfelt wishes to Divinity and pray on it , did I turn around and grab it all back and try and control everything. TRUE faith that Divinity had me was very hard for me.  But when I truly let go, Divinity not only showed me that the very things I thought I needed and had wished for were the very things holding me back from receiving the real happiness I deserved.  Divinity is everywhere and is is everything. Finding a relationship with Divinity has made me see , feel, and live a life that revolves around staying faithful to Them, and trusting that They will give me exactly what I need when I need it. The universe it so great and vast and never ending and the powers, the spirits, the energies are so much bigger than anything we can imagine.....but Divinity is right there listening, gearing and granting wishes that are best for us. It’s humbling to


find, difficult to accept at first, but once the release of truly letting go of our desires and wishes, giving them to Divinity to handle happens, true happiness comes.  I went from destroyed in my relationship with my fiancé to free to be me and let someone who deserved me come to me. That is exactly what Divinity did for me, send me who I deserved. I tried to hold onto someone who I thought was best for me who truly wasn’t and I wouldn’t let go.  But Divinity gave me the strength to let go and They sent me someone amazing. I thank Jan and James so much for giving me the tools to find a relationship with Divinity and now, I live a different life with the relationship I have with Divinity. I encourage you to find Divinity and always place Them first so that you too can find the happiness that you deserve.




With profound and grateful thanks,




Posted August 3, 2017 !


Another happy customer here! Cannot be happier ! At first I didnt believe, but now know Divinity is so real, and so real you can feel the high Divinity, I can barely express my love for Enchantress she is......well she is hard to put into mere words but if you are looking for a real caster, you have found them.


Love both Jan and her husband Jim so much !



Posted July 2, 2017!

Next Testamonial !

I'm writing this testimonial about my experience with the NRP (Negativity Releasing Prayer). When I first contacted Enchantress Jan and was instructed on beginning the NRP I had several questions. She was so kind and patient in answering all of my questions and providing direction on how to begin the prayer. The videos were also very helpful and I felt very prepared to begin!

The NRP was a wonderful experience. When I first started, I was nervous that I wasn't going to say the right thing or would do something wrong.  But, if you just follow the instructions they provide and ask questions if you are not sure, Enchantress Jan will guide you.  I used the time to really connect with Divinity and 'be present' with Divinity. It was time I had set aside,  not to think about my requested spell, but to really connect with Divinity, talk about how negative barriers were holding me back and how I could overcome them with Divinity's help. After a couple days, I really looked forward to this time with Divinity. I had never really thought to just spend time with Divinity before and it was so nice to take that time to connect and really share my thoughts and feelings. 

The best part of the prayer was, by the fifth night and definitely the sixth night, I lit the candle and began the prayer and talking with Divinity - and I just had this wonderful, overwhelming feeling of love come over me.  I don't think I have ever experienced it before - just this strong feeling of being loved throughout yourself.  I believe God/Divinity is love - so, it was an experience that I really felt Divinity's presence within me. I wish that everyone who does the NRP can experience that. 

I think you get out of the NRP what you put into it and bring to it.  Bring Divinity your feelings, struggles with the nine traits and your love for Divinity and the desire to be a better person.  Take it seriously.  Dedicate that time each night (or day) to just being present with Divinity.  If you don't know what to say, let your heart talk, Divinity will listen.  Of course, the time is not for you to talk about your spell, but to talk about yourself - what holds you back and how you can work with Divinity to overcome it. Embrace this time and this prayer and I'm sure you will feel Divinity more fully in your life, too. 

from B.


Posted June 11, 2017!


I am called Jade a person that likes to get to the point.  I have got to say I am so surprised because Jan and Jim are so real, not like any of the fake casters and phoney readers out there scamming people for money.  Everything that I asked for was given to me ! I am very happy ! Thanks to Divinity and both Jan & Jim.  They are amazing !


Jade in Colorado

June 4th, 2017 !


Running into Jan and her husband's site online was the blessing I needed, at the right time.

I've been introduced to Divinity and my life and outlook really has changed, for the better, to the glory of Divinity.

As far as the spells go, they are real. It isn't for the faint of heart but if you stick with it, you will receive.

These guys are the real deal. I'll never go anywhere else.

 written by Susan



Posted May 28th, 2017


My name is Barb.  If you are reading this and visiting this web site for the first time, you should never go anywhere else.  


Jan & her husband Jim are the first real spell casters I have ever met - and two of the nicest most kind people that I have met in my life. 


I spent quite a sum of money on one of their karmic justice spells, and it was VERY well spent.  


If you have an enemy like I did, you should not hesitate emailing or calling them.  They even invited me to their home to visit for a week.  


I had such a great time, I cannot wait for them to invite me back all I can say is WOW. 


It is so hard putting in typing what I experienced with the Enchantress and her husband - I do not think I ever can.  This is one thing you cannot miss out in your life.  


The blessing of God ( they call Him “Divinity”) and the Enchantress is even a formally ordained minister.  


A mind blowing visit is all I can find words for.  I feel I have two life long friends that will always have my back.  




Take care everyone,





Posted April 16th, 2017 !

My name is Diane and I have been awake all night full of pain and worry when I stumbled across this website.  Right away I contacted the Enchantress because I had been having so much trouble with my boyfriend because he has been running around with another woman for months and always lies to me about it.

He and I have got into so many arguments that I thought there was no more hope for me.  Honestly I thought he really hated me. The Enchantress gave me her cell phone contact number and was kinder to me that I still can't believe the Enchantress is real, but she is really real.  So are all the things they talk about.  

I gave magic a lot of thought and knew that it would be the solution to this  
terrible and hard problem.  

And to make matters even worse, my boyfriend was sneaking around and having sex with a lady who was one of my best girlfriends.  She is no longer one of my best girlfriends now of course.  With a friend like that who needs enemies right. 

The Enchantress - well she sometimes goes by “ Lady Jan Windglows “ is one of the most famous people I have ever met.  I mean she even produced her own record label and album.  Most people don’t know about it.  Lady Jan sent me one and it is so beautiful that words would not do it justice.  You will just have to ask Jan and take a listen.  Her voice sounds angelic !

It turns out she had the ideal spell to fix my boyfriend running around.  She took the time to stay on the telephone and talk to me for over THREE HOURS.   And it was late that night but Lady Jan stayed with me.  

Tell me what spell caster would do that for anyone these days.  Nobody, except for Lady Jan and mabie her husband Jim.  They are the way coolest people I have met.  They really care about people and the hard life problems they have.

She is a very strong woman.  She does not look or act her age and the most important quality about her is her great love and devotion to the angels and creator and others that she calls 'Divinity. '

She taught me all about who the Divinity is, such a long history I was taken aback by her knowledge of history and even scripture in the bible.  Lady  Jan is a jaw dropping fantastic woman and this is not like any other website or person I have contacted in the past.   

Oh and I don’t want to forget to point out that the Enchantress is a real ordained Christian minister.  It is true ask her and she will even send you a copy of her certificate to prove it.  Where she lives she does weddings and other type of spiritual service.  And man is she good at what she does !

So my boyfriend and my ex best girlfriend got into so many bad arguments that both of them grew apart and then hated each other.  It feels great to see them get what they both needed because they did so many mean things to me !  I was so heartbroken I did not think I would ever feel good again, never.  But when Lady Jan and her husband Jim did my casting, all of that changed quickly.

My boyfriend came back to me begging me to take him back.  I played hard to get but not for too long because I missed him !  One night he brought me something.  He kneeled in front of me and opened a small box that had a lovely engagement ring inside!  I accepted and have no regrets.  I am sure he will never stray away from me again. Right now I am expecting our first baby. 

If you are here reading what I have wrote, and you are thinking about contacting The Enchantress, I support you on your choice.  It will be one of the most important choices you ever make and turn out like you never dreamed it possible.

So Lady Jan told me how important it is to give all the credit to the Divinity for giving me what I wanted so that is why I wrote this.  I hope you will pick this site if you are looking for magic help.  

Cordially yours and a client for life,



Posted April 2nd, 2017 !

I found Enchantress Windglows and her husband Jim searching frantically for a love

spell to bring back my husband.  He left me for another woman several weeks ago and I did not

think I wouldever see him again.  


I got into a lot of arguments with him over money and other things with him.  We would go to bed in

separate rooms.  I felt like he hated me because of the woman he met she would start most of our

 arguments because of the infidelity that he allowed to go on and on.  I thought it would never end. 

Then one night he left me and did not contact me at all.  He had his phone number changed.

I was in shock for the first month he was gone and did not know what to do about his leaving me.  


One night I was up very  late missing him like crazy and thinking about what the future would bring me.  

I started thinking about a spell for no particular reason really, the idea of it just came into my mind

one minute so I decided to look for a real spell caster but there were so many I did not know who to



The internet is full of psychics that cast spells.  Unfortunately I paid one psychic spell caster that

promised me over night results.  A real spell is for real life and usually does not give over night results. 


I worked with several of the psychics  and lost lots of money and got no results at all.  I think it is

important to tell what happened to me because I hope if anyone that is reading this will take my

word that psychic spell casters are really all phony scams and if you want real results from getting a

spell, you have to use a real spell caster that knows what to do when a person is having a crisis like

I was and that will be there to help you when you need help the most.


Long story short, my husband did come back and it involved some work and making changes on my

part but Enchantress told me that there is no such thing as "harry potter" magic where everything

happens instantly. This is real life.  


I will say Jan and Jim are real casters and real people who care.  If I ever need a spell again, they will

be the ones I will work with.  All the others do is take more and more money and make empty promises

that mean nothing. Psychic casters do not care how anything turns out as long as you keep paying them.

Thanks to everyone who read my post, it is all true.


Lisa A.

March 12th, 2017 !
I am very shy when Jan ask me to write something for her page.  I am a modest woman
from Middle Eastern faith who had no friend.  Found these site and still I am amazing.
who are Jan and Jim really? Angels sent from Heaven, what else can it be?
I tell everyone to come here.  There is no problem that cannot get resolve. I tell
the truth, it is real, Divinity is here too.  See for yourself -send Jan email -she will
talk right away to you.
Thanks to all who help with this web page,
Shiela M.
Posted February 26th, 2017 !

I did not know magic or spells even were real, until I found Jim and Jan.  I had been through so many psychic spell casters online that I was sick with my troubles and many failures. Jim and Jan are not like any other spell casters.  They are not fake or phoney like most of all of them online.  Jim and Jan are real and so is the work they do.  They introduced me to Divinity and everything in my life changed all for good of course.  These are two of the kindest wisest people I know I will ever meet.  If you are soul searching or searching for help with something you need in your life, stop here.  Write Jan and Jim an email and you will be amazed with what Divinity and they can do !

thanks again,


Posted January 14th, 2016 !
All I can say is that this and Jan's other web sites are the only real magic
sites online! Every wish I wished for came true ! Highly recommended for anyone who needs help !
Ever grateful,
Posted November 4th, 2015 !

To anyone reading this site I've have personally used Jan and James services and have received the many wonders Divinity has given me through their work with them.  

Jan and James will always treat their clients with a caring heart and work with them till their wishes are granted. 

Along the way you may ever learn something about Divinity ,these two people are far above any other magician around today namely some who wish to promote themselves on u tube these other magicians are not about bettering mankind only themselves I don't feel they have the power they would like to tell you they have. 

Jan and James are the most powerful magicians around - they seek no fame ,they do this for they love of Divinity and in hope you will bring Divinity into your life as well ,and they care about all their clients. Yours faithfully, Rick


Posted October 26th, 2015 !


Where do I begin?  Okay first, I know now that Divinity is real.  I had been trying to seek help from several other spell casters without any success at all and was just about to give up when I found this site.  Boy was I glad to have found Enchantress Windglows !  She is a real gift from Heaven and so is her husband James who is known as a real Wizard.    I know now that magic is real and that there are some people that just say they are casters and some that are real, like Enchantress Windglows and her husband James the Wizard.  

My situation was HORRIBLE.  I had nowhere to turn and had been scammed out of literally thousands of dollars and had my mind pretty well made up that spells and the whole magic thing was fake until I found this site.  My husband went out with a younger woman and got her pregnant.  My husband is a very high profile man who is famous- I dare not mention his name.  Not a caster anywhere had the power to help me until I found Enchantress Jan Windglows and her husband.  They talked to me on the phone for hours and still do even after my spells came true for me.

My horrible dilemma was that I had to find a way to save my husband from running off with this younger woman.  What I wanted was for my husband to come back to me and for us to renew our love for one another.  We had been married for over 30 years and of course then the other woman he got pregnant had to be gotten rid of.  Jan and her husband suggested I ask for Divinity to send this woman away.

FInally the night of my spells being cast came and I was so nervous more than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs !  Jan's husband James the Wizard called me the next day and told me the casting that lasted almost six whole hours was a great success.   You could have knocked me over with a feather because exactly two weeks later, my husband came back to me and told me everything that happened and that the younger woman just left and then sent him a letter days later telling him she fell in love with someone else and that she would not be back.

A week ago, my husband and I had our third honey moon !  It was like being in a dream because I could not believe it was really real and true !  

If you are wondering about who you should choose to have a spell cast for you, this is the place.  Jan and her Wizard husband are only a phone call or an email away and you cannot go wrong.

My spell was a little expensive but Jan said to see it as an important investment for my life and my happiness.  I did and the amount of money I paid was worth it- every single penny ! If I had this to do over again, I would not hesitate.

Give Enchantress Windglows a call or email her.  You will be glad you did- I have never experienced anything like this before but what can I say?  This is REAL magic and it WORKS!

Thanks to Jan and James with all my heart !

Joy T. 


Posted September 1st, 2015 !


With all my heart, I thank Divinity for giving me such inner strength and hope, and I thank High Enchantress Jan for her amazing talents, spell casting abilities and remarkable empathy...  I have known her and used her services over the past few years, and every time, she has been so supportive.  


This year has been a very exciting year for me, in that I finally had the operation (hysterectomy) that I had wished for, for so long. This was the most important issue I had asked for help with this year, and indeed it has happened!  Although it was a tough operation to go through, it was the best thing I ever did... After suffering severe gynaecological problems for so many years, I now feel both physically and mentally so much better in myself.


Another major thing that I asked to be improved this year, was to have the mind set and self-discipline to do NRP more often... Although I have used the spell casting services through this website over the past few years, I used to find it difficult and I would procrastinate about doing NRP and only used to do it while a spell was being cast for me.  Well now, I have already done NRP a few times this year even since my last Xmas spell was cast, and I feel more and more, that I am enjoying and cherishing these special moments while connecting with Divinity! And of course, this also helps me to feel much better in myself, overall.  What more can one ask for?


Finally, I must add that in my last spell I also asked to be rid of a certain colleague at work who has really been bothering me and even bullying me, to some extent.  Well, while being off work after my operation, I was in touch with another colleague who gave me ‘a bit of gossip’ and she mentioned that apparently this difficult colleague was also off work for a few months as she had broken her leg!!  So Divinity has done their beautiful work again, and continues to smile upon me...  Needless to say, my faith grows stronger and stronger each day!  


Aisha, UK. 


Posted August 6th, 2015 !


"The spell work that Jan did for me worked powerfully and quickly but also in a way that I never expected. I was shown the truth in many things and received many realizations from Divinity. There is no question that Jan is genuine and very powerful. Knowing her is a blessing in itself.  I will be happy to provide a reference for Jan's work upon request."  Ever Grateful, "R".


Posted August 5th, 2015 !

I had been scammed by other casters and did not know where to turn.  I found Jan's web site one night when looking desperately through the internet.  I emailed her and she answered me within hours and had the perfect solution to all my problems.  I got my spell results within the first week !  I will stay with Jan and Jim because I believe they are the ONLY real casters online.   They have more experience than all the other casters put together and they provide real and fast results.  Thank you Divinity, Jan,  and Jim .....Rita.


Posted August 2, 2015 !

Where do I start?  I hate to sound like so many other people but I had been taken by other casters to the point where I almost lost my faith in real magic.  Then I found Jan's site here and everything changed for me.  Not only did Jan do an awesome spell for me, she taught me all about Divinity and all about magic and how real magic works and what my role in my own spell process is.  She teaches these things so the client can have the very best and maximum results and not only that, but this will last me for years and years to come because this site is so much more than just having a casting done.  I recommend this site to anyone looking for a real spell caster that will give you the results you want and need.   Forever thankful,   **Cindy**


Posted June 27th, 2015 !


"If you are reading this, you have come to the end of your rope, so to speak.  You are met with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle which you believe you are unable to alleviate yourself of the situation.  I was there as well.  

And as a member of the United States Military, I was skeptical.  After reading various websites from a mixture of scammers and amature spell casters, I discovered High Enchantress Janhett Windglows and her Husband, Grand Wizard Jim Morgan.

After being somewhat numb to the various claims of other spell casters and seeing the seemingly uniform appearance of their websites, I was floored by XXXX.  In these pages and the sister site of Dragon’s Eye, there is a slew of information not only to promote their services, but to ensure that you, the customer understands "High Magick."  I dare you to find another website that contains such information with 100% transparancy other than this one.

I emailed Grand Wizard Jim Morgan with my situation, a situation which I was unable to cure myself.  After explaining the occurences of my dilemma, Jim and Jan agreed to take my case.  This is NOT a guaranteed reaction (especially due to the nature of my case).  

After consulting with Jim and Jan numerous times by email and phone conversations, they began the casting.  However, you must do a bit of work yourself.  Deep in metaphysical observances, there is the NRP, a fantastic ritual which not only contains a great deal of meditation but delivers a one on one relationship with Divinity.  Jan and Jim love Divinity and understand how important he is to each and everyone of us.  it is important for you as the client to build your own relationship with THEM.  Only once this is done and you give your ENTIRE being to Divinity and belief in the process, will changes begin happening.

Back to the spell castings, both Jan and Jim were incredibly patient with my questions and guiding me through this intricate process.  They were always willing to speak on the phone and email back.  And they guide!  Spiritual counseling, which you will NOT find elsewhere. There were times during the process that doubt crept upon me, something Divinity does not like.  I remember speaking with Jim for some time talking me down and soothing any concerns I had.  These people care!  These are two individuals who LOVE what they do and see their craft as a calling to others.

I don't like considering the price of what I made, because this experience was so much more than the simple exchanging of funds.  It was a life altering experience that pulled apart everything I knew and built it back towards a new way of understanding.

I cannot express this enough, but these kind people are some of the sweetest and caring people you will meet.  And there are people out there who doubt them, who attempt to bring them down and they are few. And false.

There is only Divinity and HE JW and GW JM are the best mediums to communicate.  Such a personal experience that you will be floored. I know it seems as if I am rambling, however the absolute joy I feel with these two people and my new love for Divinity causes this to occur.

As to my case?  Incredibly personal, highly controversial, but something that needed to happen.  I am pleased to discuss this with anyone who wants to seek more information, just email Jan and Jim for my contact information.

Please.  Do not give up hope.  Anything is possible with Divinity and HE JW and GW JM are the best at what they do.


In Divinity's Grace,




Posted August 6th, 2015 !

"The spell work that Jan did for me worked powerfully and quickly but also in a way that I never expected. I was shown the truth in many things and received many realizations from Divinity. There is no question that Jan is genuine and very powerful. Knowing her is a blessing in itself.  I will be happy to provide a reference for Jan's work any time. "  From "R".

Posted August 3 , 2015 !
I am speechless of what to say about Divinity, Enchantress Jan, Wizard James and about what real magic is.  I did not know real magic existed until I found this web site, Jan and Jim.  I was lost and did not know where to turn or who to ask for help.  I believe it was Divinity who directed me here and now I am going to share my story, my miracle of how Divinity granted my wishes and changed my entire life.  
When I first came to Jan, I was a wreck.  I did not believe or have any faith left.  I told her I was scammed by several other casters before coming here.  Jan actually explained what getting scammed is and I did not even get scammed, I just thought I did.  What happened was that I did not check out the other casters and did not ask them for their professional business info or any references, I just trusted them and paid them my money.  
Of course when they got the money I never heard from them again.  Jan told me "BUYER BEWARE" and she explained to me that it was my own fault for not checking out the other casters before paying them.  Boy was she ever right but now that I am with Jan and Jim I do not ever plan on using another caster ever.  
These people Jan and Jim ARE REAL AND KNOW ALL ABOUT REAL MAGIC.  They know about so called scam casters and everything that goes on with that kind of thing.  What happens is that most people just pay their money and do not even ask questions first.  Make sure you remember this and save yourself some time and just contact Jan.  She is incredibly knowledgeable in advanced high magic and when she starts talking to you about Divinity and magic it will blow your mind.
Anyway about the scam thing with other casters. People usually complain that they got scammed, but that is not the case, they just trusted the other casters and believed everything they were told.  Jan also told me that other casters will make promises and tell you whatever you want to hear just so they can get your money.  Jan does not do that of course but man she sure taught me a lesson about getting out on the Internet and these other casters !  Most if not all the other casters out there are not even doing real magic they just say they are to get your money.
My thing was that I was married for over 10 years and my wife left me for another man.  I had three gorgeous children and she just up and left us all one weekend and flew off with this other guy that i did not even know existed.  I panicked and did not know what I was going to do.  I found Jan up here on Dragons Eye and called her and she started helping me right away.  I bought the big package the love package for $2,500 and it was worth every penny !  I plan on getting a Life And Happiness Spell next !  Jan just did a financial wealth spell for me and the money just started rollin in, from all kinds of sources, I was shocked one day I had five checks in the mail !
My wife came back to me in almost a week, and we just renewed our marriage vows in a beautiful Catholic ceremony in which the children took part in our making our vows as a family.  Not only did I find out that the magic that Jan does is real, but it is not in any way evil or bad magic of any kind.  It is the kind of magic that glorifies God or Divinity and it sure works FAST !   I told all my friends at work about this site, and Jan is already getting lots of calls from other people that I know that need help.  
So if you are thinking about using this site and Jan's services, DO NOT WAIT.  Get on Jan's casting list as soon as you can!  Why be miserable when you can be happy and get what you want out of life?  Do not waste your time by trying to get a cheap spell from some two bit caster out there.  Pay the money to Jan because it is an investment in your new and happy life.  You will never go wrong, trust me !  If you want my contact information, just email Jan and she will give it to you.  I would be glad to give you a personal testamonial of what happened to me since I found Jan and Jim.   Happiness to all who read my testamony here,  J.K. 
Posted May 12th, 2014 !
To everyone who is thinking of getting a spell cast and to the ones not sure , I have been a client of Jan's for nearly 12 months now and what  Divinity, Jan, and Jameshave brought to me in this life is more than I  ever ask for, u may have to be patient of Divinity may grant your wish straight away. But by going to Divinity & Jan, she will always be there for u, she knew my work was not very good and offered to do spell for next to nothing, Jan has no boundaries when it comes to helping people, she and James are true angels here to help people and u should become a client of Jan's and all of her spells are written in The Names of Love so never think that magic is not real or is an evil thing it is everywhere if u open up to Divinity, They will show u They love you too.......
Sincerely, "R." 
Posted On February 9th, 2013 !

I had lost all hope of ever getting my husband to come back to me and one night when I could not sleep I turned on my computer and started another long lonely night by surfing the Internet for some kind of answer that would grant me all my wishes for my husband to leave the younger woman he left me for, and for he and I to renew our marriage vows.

I typed in " fastest magical marriage enhancement" and Jan & Jim's site of Dragon ( here ) and Blood Love And Lust Spells http://www.bloodloveandlustspells.com popped up.

I was SO TOTALLY AMAZED and could not stop looking at all the pictures, the educational articles, there was so much and what I DID NOTICE about Jan and Jim's sites is that their sites are not cheesy looking, are not filled with CHEAP $50 dollar spells adorned with Pay Pal buttons, are not flashy, do not have an automatic button for a "free psychic reading" or anything like those other sites like "Ashra Love Spells" or sites like "7 Witche's Coven" " Cal Astrology" or that phoney "Master Voodoo Spells" "Ancient Magic Spells" "Doctor Bones Love Spells" "Blazing Fast Love Spells" "Voodoo Love Spells" on top of the page these are paid sponsored web sites and are all fakes so do not waste your time or your money. I do not want to talk bad about them but they all scammed me and I never got even one email from any of them. Cheap spells are usually from phoney fakes, do not ever trust them no matter how glitzy their web sites are.....or how many "guarantees" or nice things they say, do not believe any of them......they are all fakes.  
I am not joking here when I say that because not only did Jan give me her own personal cell phone number, but she went as far as to provide me information that no other spell casting site would ever do.  Just email Jan and you will see what I mean.

I was desperate and used those other sites named above here I payed my hard earned money to, tried them ALL and NONE OF THESE SITES PROVIDED ME WITH ANY RESULTS and I was let down by them, truly heart broken, and felt extremely taken advantage of by these web sites.

I would not usually mention other sites like this, but want to warn the public to STAY AWAY from those other web sites I mentioned because they are SCAMS and will never provide results or even talk to you on the phone......keep in mind that once you fall for their cheap spells and lies you will never hear from them and never get results and they will rip you off big time.

Anyway, back to my story, I called Jan on her cell phone not even a day after I wrote her an email, and I could not believe that she and her husband Jim BOTH spoke to me like I was family and I was so excited because I knew that after such a long time in using other spell casting websites that were only cheap and some only charged me 30 or 40 dollars and guaranteed results but I NEVER heard anything after I pushed the Pay Pal buttons and I was left all alone BUT NOT WITH JAN AND JIM.

Not only did they BOTH talk to me for almost THREE HOURS but they cheered me up, gave me the right spells for exactly what I needed, I used my credit card the very next day after Jan sent me what she said I should get, and not even a week passed when GUESS WHAT?  My husband came home to me and that same week, we renewed our marriage vows, and even had a reception where we invited all our family members and friends.

We had champagne, wedding cake, and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER that I found REAL spell casters who are exactly who they say they are, and to end my story, whoever reads this, it is true, and Jan will send you my name and email if you need my own personal verification of this true story.

Do not ever use any other spell casters EXCEPT Jan and Jim. Their other web site where there are lots of pictures and written articles is -----------------------


Jan and Jim are the BEST so if you need magic spell cast, forget the others and contact Jan. You will never regret it !!!!!

Signed...................a happily married couple that is thankful to Divinity, Jan, and Jim............

November 5th, 2009

Dear all, I once again thank for Jan's help with my deeply gratitude, I was very terrified and worried about my financial situation, as I was forced by the government authority to pay a huge sum of money in a week otherwise they will take a legal action against me and my family members.

The amount of the money I owed the office was so huge that it takes me at least a year, without any expenditure to earn it...however, I only had a week's time.

I told this matter to Jan and then the miracles came to me immediately, I almost got one good news everyday during the week, some by my friends' help, some by my relatives, and finally,

I only need several hundreds to settle the debts so I contacted the office and amazingly that they allowed to extend my case so they I can have few more weeks to settle them.....the past week to me was horrible and terrifying.

Luckily I have Jan's help, so that the money got into my hands so smooth and quick! If anyone who wants to ask for Jan's help and want to know more about my case, you are welcome to contact Jan and ask her for my contact information.

I am so willing to let you know more about it! Millions of thanks, my dearest and beloved Jan!

Posted November 10th 2009
To anyone who is reading this and wondering if it is real I am another example that Enchantress Jan's magick is real. I found Enchantress Jan's web site earlier this year after already using other casters and spending money with no results.

I have an extremely difficult love situation and Jan has always been there for me. She answers every single email I send to her and is always kind and there for me.

When Jan cast my spells this summer I saw results immediately. My situation is still manifesting but I know Divinity will only bring to me what is in my best interest. My target is extremely stubborn and difficult.

I am still seeing more manifestations. Be patient and do exactly as Jan tells you to do. I plan to use Jan again when I am able. She is the real thing. Anyone who wishes to contact me for a reference may get my email from Jan.

From Jamie in Oregon

To everyone who reads this testimonial I can say with all honesty and sincerity that finding DIVINITY and Enchantress Janhett and all who help her was the best day of my life. I came upon her services over 6 years ago. DIVINTY and Enchantress Janhett has helped me with many different problems.

I have asked for their help many times and each time they have opened their hearts and souls to me (no matter what time of the day or night I needed them) they were always there to listen to me and guide me through what I thought were the most desperate times in my life. I have put my faith and life into their hands over and over again and have never been disappointed.

With their guidance, expertises and the knowledge of what DIVINTY needs from us I truly feel that there is nothing to small or too large that when you put your faith and trust in all of them your hopes and dreams will become a reality. It has for me many, many times. I have the utmost confidence that if ever I needed even just someone to talk to and vent they would be there for me.

They have changed my life and for that I am truly grateful. My husband and I are now living together and are very happy. We will be spending our 3rd year anniversary in Italy just like we planned. Words are not enough to truly understand how wonderful THEY ARE. THEY are in my thoughts and heart every day......

Sincerely from A.E.


I have to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for my friend JAN. I would like to give glory to Divinity for everything in my life today and forever......when I contacted Jan about my situation with my job and financial condition she told me that I should not worry about it as the DIVINITY will help me with the situation.

And you know it worked and to be honest with you I am amazed !

Thank you SoOoOoOOOOOoOOooooOOO much for everything!

Thanks and regards,

Your Indian friend


My situation had to be the worst ever! My wife had left me and told me that she didn't love me anymore. My wife said that we would never get back together. She move out with her sister and started dating other guys.

I would call her daily and we would talk on the phone no more than 1 minute. I was devastated that she had just given up on our marriage. I was stressed out, depressed and tried everything i knew to try and win her back until i found Jan web site.

I was desperate to try anything. So i started reading the testimonies on the site just as you are doing mine right now and I deiced to give it a try since i had nothing to lose.

I emailed Jan and she emailed me back and set up an appointment so we could talk about my situation. She recommended the 30 day casting for my situation and she was there with me the whole way through through emails and telephone.

My patience was short cause i wanted my wife back so bad but she calm me down and told me to be patient. After the 30 days was over my situation was starting to turn in my favor.

Our communication on the phone increase from 1 minute to 10-15 minutes. I started spending the night at her house. We started back making love again for the first time in 3 months dating from the time she left me.

Now as of today my wife told me that she loves me for the first time on June 30th how sweet is that? I would recommend this service to anyone. Jan provides the best customer service and have earned my 5 star rating from a person that was in desperate need of keeping his family together. Now I know the true meaning of love! Who said that money can't buy love? Thanks Jan! You will forever be my queen.

"North Florida Guy"


My lover had been dating for years when all of a sudden things started to go extremely bad. Like a normal couple we had fight, arguments, and also had become physical in some regard.

Meanwhile, in my life thing began to become very hectic I felt down and out all the time, sad, tired, and my desire to eat was almost completely gone. My wife and I had been dating for roughly a few years and things had been bad but within a few months things had gone terribly bad. I couldn't understand why she and I argued all the time, why our love life had died, why our friendship had diminished and our love was slipping away.

After being left in the dark for so long I started talking to psychics and trying to figure things out, like why I was hateful, and surrounded by darkness all the time. After speaking to several psychics I was informed that someone had placed a suffrage spell or a curse on me.

I had spoken to so many psychics and everyone said that I had a lot of negativity around me and this had been going on for a while and I couldn't understand who or why anyone would do this to me. After further more research and a desire to figure things out I started searching. I may have called over 50 psychics within a one week time frame I remember trying to figure them out and wondering who should I believe, who is the closets to the description that matched my life.

It turned out that everyone told me just about the same thing so I had to determine who was trying to help me. After all of that one day I was at the library and I decided to type in the world spell and a listing of sites and supposed caster popped.

Being that I was new to this entire thing I bought a spell off a web site for $25.00 hoping that it would shed some light on me and my situation, nothing happened a few days later I purchased another from the same place but for $75.00 more dollars and still nothing happened.

I searched more and I spoke with another caster and she tried to help me as much as she could; in fact she gave me very valuable info regarding my life, my family, my love life, and most important that indeed some had placed a spell on not only me but my lady as well. I cried for sometime trying to figure out who would do something so evil, because I would never wish anything bad for anyone regardless of past history or present.

After working with the caster things tried to change but they quickly returned to the normal 'state. As a result I started searching for the perfect caster for me and my situation. I had particular wants and needs out of my caster and I was soon directed to Jan.

This was so crazy because while working with my other caster I had actually called and spoke to Jan briefly and I told her my situation and I also to her that I was presently working with another caster and she told me that she felt it would be better to complete my work with caster and if I wasn't happy, then contact her afterward.

My satisfaction had come and gone and I found myself back searching for Jan's number and it took me so long to find the site on the net that I thought that I would never find it again.

But, I did and I actually found it on their other site, I knew I was them because I saw Jan's picture. I got the number and I called and I spoke with James and how wonderful it felt to speak to a live person, he was very nice and listened to my entire situation and told me to send a case history.

I did just that and Jan wrote me back within hours with a resolution to my life disturbance. Jan became a friend instantly because I knew she had my best interest at heart and I had faith and trust in her and her work.

I emailed Jan several times throughout our work and she responded just as pleasant to each question and sometimes with advice. Jan sent me info regarding which casting would best suit my case and I normally don't just go with the flow I normally question why, or why not this time I did not.

I knew that Jan was the one after I reread her site time and time again about spells and how to know if someone had placed one on you. Out of the complete listing I may have matched at least 6 or more of things that took place in my life.

I thought to myself no other site or other Internet info shows this information, and I found it rather interesting to even have found a site listing ways to know whether or not you did indeed had a spell on you and I did, I felt like crap for a while and I was never the type to go out without a fight but in this instance I knew that I had become a statistic.

I knew that I had to figure this out and find out who would wish horrible things like this on me. Jan took me on as a friend and I confided in her. I remember I sent her my first email of heart to heart to talk and she responded, I though wow, okay. I sent her my vitals all the possible things I could find and from that reciept date things had begun to change.

She informed me about NRP and I really enjoyed it I could literally feel the energy moving through me but I had problems with my mother, she as always bothering me which made it very hard for my to actually complete my NRP but I DID, and I had to I felt that maybe that the spell was using her to be against me and the things I was doing to remove this madness.

Jan and I spoke back and forth on a regular basis and she always responded in a timely fashion this one thing I LOVED ABOUT WORKING WITH JAN, SHE NEVER LEFT ME IN THE DARK; and JAN, I really appreciate that - I'm such a worry. Jan put my worries to rest and told me what to expect from her work and the time frame I should recieve it.

Since I had already started researching this I had an idea of the time frame and so forth. I remember just sitting around waiting Jan had told me go out have fun, I did just that; and did things I had never dreamt of doing and I had a blast! When I sent my vitals to Jan, I saw things changing then my lover had returned to me we fought and Jan felt as if we should slow the communication down between us and walking on faith I did just that.

I didn't want to but I had to and that's what made my faith in her workings that much stronger. I knew that Divinity had sent us to each other because if her GIFT and my needs. As of now, just a little more than a month after the casting my wife is back and she is in love, she is all the things Jan told me she would be.

My love came back to me! I hadn't given up or lost faith but I did grow very impatient, which I learned to control. I am here to say that The Divinity, JAN and JAMES are absolutely real and their services actually work. I love JAN she is a blessing in disguise she helped me resolve a problem no one else could.

She talked to me through email, and she listened she was is a real friend. I could feel here sincerity in her responses. I would like to thank The Divinity for sending Jan and I to one another, Jan, and James for being their and helping me throughout my trying situation.

My wife is back and this is just the beginning I know our future will be filled with the greatest things life has to offer. The best of both worlds...:0) you could never know my gratification for you prompt help and attention. I have gained a true friend for life. Thanx, Jan !


C. Barton


I would like to give glory to Divinity for intervening in my life today and forever......when I contacted Jan about my situation with my marriage and she told me what spell would be best for me .

From her soft and caring voice a feeling went through me that I cannot explain, but I feel like when I was speaking to her, Divinity was intervening then before I had even sent my package off to Jan.

The next day there were changes in my situation from that day forward my husband had started contacting me every mourning and every evening that he had not done since November when he took the job in Dallas.

And when I started the NRP I felt even better my husband and I were in contact three to four times a day , when before he never called me from work, He was letting me know his every move.

We had not communicated like that in a long time; Divinity is so wonderful ! I thank you for my miracles thus far and I know you are still intervening in my life and my situation . With Divinity there are no worries just relax and watch things flow .

All the Glory To Divinity......



My case was complicated (to say the least). I thought I was in love with a man with whom I broke up in March of 2007 and was heart broken over this.

He was married and his wife knew about me. I was and am married myself and thought I did not want my marriage. After trying numerous spell casters and the likes and burnt financially, I came upon the High Enchantress.

From the very beginning, she was kind yet strict, to the point, encouraging, always put DIVINITY first and foremost and instilled patience in me. She was the strong, compassionate listening figure I lacked in my life. The High Enchantress performed quite a few spells for me, some of them she did for free due to the severe financial stress I was in.

The results were astounding! Through much turmoil, heartache and anxiety it was revealed to me by DIVINITY that I did in fact love my husband and he was the one for me and not the other man. As I write this, we are working on our marriage which seems to going in the right direction.

DIVINITY stopped me from making a huge mistake and mistaking infatuation for love. I learned the hard way that "what we want vs. what is good for us that only DIVINITY knows" are completely two separate things.

I will always respect, love and remember the kindness that the High Enchantress and Master Wizard showed me, without them, I would have never recovered. Although, I know I have much work ahead of me but I pray everyday and ask DIVINITY for protection, mercy and their blessings.

High Enchantress was, is and always will be the "my guarding Angel". I am convinced that she will watch over me so that nothing bad will ever happen to me and my family.


I've been searching the internet for spiritual help for a long time now and have paid lots of money to spell casters and have gotten no results until I found Jan Windglows at Blood Love And Lust Spells.

I needed help with my career and love life. I ended up ordering The Grand Teton Spell and also the 30 day 30 wishes Spell.

I have been in love with a musician and needed help trying to get his time and attention and having him develop feelings for me. At this time I was going though a divorce and not on good terms with my husband.

After 2-3 weeks my husband completely stop contacting me like I wished for him to do and he started moving on with his life. I started worrying and thinking that Divinity would not grant my wishes because I still have not heard from the man that I loved and was pursuing.

I kept email Encantress Jan and she always was there for me as a mother would be to her child to guide me through releasing the spells. She explained to me how I need to go out with other suitors and have lots of fun.... I found this to be odd but I did just that because I started getting more men that wanted to get to know me. Before I went out on my first date my LOVER called!!! How excited I was. He listened to me and agreed to meet me after a week. He kept calling me and I would miss his calls being that I was in school.

Withen 2 months after I started dating and chatting with other Men he left me a voice mail telling me that he have been getting my messages and that I sound as if I'm HIS BABY and that WE would be talking soon!!!!!! I can not wait to see what will happen between us because NO OTHER SPELL CASTERS could make this possible.


I have NO REASON to ever doubt any spell casted by my closest friend JAN.

I will forever be greatful to her for her services and will always turn to her in any time of need that I may have... LOOK NO FURTHER- YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!!!!!


About three months ago I contacted Jan about having a curse removal spell done.

I've known I had a curse for years and always thought I could just forget about it and it wouldn't have power in my life.

The curse was done by a family member in Jamaica (Jamaicans work with Obeah) targeting my mother and I. It was eight years later I was made aware of this fact by a high priest of voodoo from Haiti.

That man has actually helped me with spiritual work as well. The mistake I made was that I asked for success in my career and money without first removing the curse. His work was powerful as my requests happened the exact way I dreamed and for others I brought to him as well.

However things would eventually go sour after a short time. I truly believe that the reason the work was not long lasting was because the foundation to build onto was on negativity.

I made the decision to work with Jan after reviewing her website and receiving a positive and warm response from Jan through our first contact. I was in a tight financial situation and yet Jan worked with me and did not turn me away.

After the spell was cast, I felt free of this burden I've been carrying with me for so long and it felt great! Living with something that is a part of you, yet you have no control over is a hard thing to do on a daily basis.

Obstacles are no longer in my way like they used to be. Now it is my own personal choices that dictate my life.

Jan has a genuinely beautiful soul. She let me know that she will not leave me until I am happy with how her work affects my life. I recommend Jan to anyone looking for a real spell caster.


I have to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for my new friend High Priestess Jan. She has to be the warmest and kindest person I have ever met.

I contacted Jan about 1 month ago with a situation in which all others ( other spell casters) never seem to realize my importance. They all give you a line in which they can take care of it. Blah, blah,blah.....

If you are looking for someone to cast a spell for you she is the one. I went through a few casters on the Internet and all they wanted was money and said all is ok, but nothing happened.

My situation was somewhat complicated and when I found her site on the Internet I was connected. I emailed Jan and received a reply with in hours and she told me what we could do, from that moment I knew I could trust her and The Divinity.

I have followed her instructions and I feel so much better about myself. The NRP was a little difficult for me. I had to do it 3 times, first time I touched the candle by mistake ,and I felt horrible the next day. The second time I fell asleep in the 3rd day and burned thru the majority of the candle.

The third time was the charm and I have felt so good after all was done. Jan was there the whole time and always encouraged me.

She will always get back with you whether you call her or email she always will respond. Can't say that about all the other spell casters, but Jan will be your friend through out the spell process.

Before my casting I was seeing changes in my situation, and after the casting I could really start to see everything. The Divinity is the greatest and trust me High Priestess Jan is the real deal.

I truly believe in The Divinity and I thank Jan for all she has done for me. You can contact me for a reference from Jan, and I will help you with what you need to know.

From "PK"


"Being raised on the coast of south Carolina , I've seen a lot of things done through voodoo or witchcraft, which ever you chose to call it.

When I was a child, there were a lot of what we called "Root Doctors" in our area, but all have died out.

About six months ago, I lost my lover and didn't know how to get her back. I went looking for the Root Doctors that I knew of as a child, but all of them had died.

So then I went to the Internet. Lord only knows how much money I spent, no one would believe me it I told them. They were ALL scammers.

Finally I come across Jan and Jim. they done everything that they said the would do for me, and much more !

But the best part was Jan and Jim were there for me step by step the whole time. They would email or call me ANYTIME day or night when I had a question. And that meant more to me than anything.

All the scammers that I worked with before I found Jan and Jim did nothing for me ~ except asking me for more and more money but I never got any results.

Jan didn't just take my money and forget about me, Jan and Jim both became my friends, and are really there for me when I need them.

Just do what they say step by step, and then sit back and have faith. Your life will change in more ways than you ever dreamed of.

Do not waste your money on scammers, go to Jan and Jim and they will make sure all your wishes come true, and quickly."

From J.A.


March Of 2009

If you have any difficulties in your lives that you feel hard to deal with, trust High Enchantress Jan, she will help you no matter how hard is the issue.. The death spells she have done on someone who stolen my money and led me into a big financial crisis, and i had been suffering from this for so long, and while i seemed no way out, I got Jan's help, after following her advice, performing the NRP and to stay within the spell criteria , now this guy has got his lesson---now this crisis has been returned back to him, much more than he brought to me and my finanicial situation has also been improved a lot in weeks, and now i only see my wonderful and beautiful future awaits for me. Thanks for everything, High Enhantress Jan, you never ask me for extra money,you just did what you have said and succeeded. Love you lots, may all everyone sleeping with nightmares and sorrow, don't hesitate and give a call or e mail to Jan, and you will see the changes---I was doubt with magic, but now i never, i believe it with all my heart and our Divinity are always with us! Cheers!!!


"I would like to express all of gratitude to my beloved High Enchantress Jan who did a wonderful spells for me.....after the casting takes place, the spells started manifesting within two weeks only.

My case is quite complicated so Enchantress Jan has made a spell for me which including all I need in the most urgent situation. Less than two weeks, I have obviously found that all the things around me are getting better and better, my career, studying , love and financial issues.....all of them, I can see them improved day by day!

Thanks so much, dearest Jan...you are an angel from The Divinity, if anyone who seeks help from a true magical lady, Enchantress Jan is the best and I assure that you won't be disappointed with her work! "

( sent from Japan )


I contacted Enchantress Jan when there was no hope to reconcile with my wife. My marriage and my life was passing me by and there was not anything I could have done on my own to stop it.

Jan showed me how to fine Divinity and how to let Divinity guide me and restore the love and passion back into my relationship. My Marriage was in turmoil and due for divorce.

Jan helped me tremendously with my wife to recover from some of the unexplainable phenomena that took place. I am very thankful that my wife is feeling well and is getting better, she is leaning to the aid, trust and security I am providing. Thank you very much Jan, you are truly a miracle worker, may God bless you�..


Let me start by saying that I believed my case was hopeless. I honestly believed that. after trying other spell people who did nothing but take my money I finally stumbled onto Jan's site and from the very first email I sent her my life did a 360 degree turn for the better!

I immediately feel calmer and so much more confident that my wish would come true. Mine was a love related case. I was with a guy for 1 year when out of the blue he dumps me. I was devastated, even more so a few weeks later when I heard he was seeing an ex of his.

I turned to Jan, sent my materials and did everything she advised and not even 3 months later my ex contacts me, after almost 3 months of silence. he sent me a text message saying me misses me and realizes he didn't make the right choice. so we got talking again and seeing other and generally romancing each other like we did at the beginning of our relationship.

This after his last words to me were 'I don't want to see you ever again'. Yes guys, Jan is the REAL deal, anyone else will take your money and not get you these results, I am telling you. do not let fear get in the way of making a decision. I am telling you, you will regret not getting to know Jan and her amazing work or most of all the awesome workings of Divinity, who was the reason my wish came true.

Guys, I am a walking, talking example that Jan's work is the real thing, its not pretend or something to even consider mucking around with. If Jan and Divinity can make this guy of mine turn around and beg me to see him again, after the things he said to me prior to getting my spells done, imagine what Jan and Divinity could do for you!

Do not hesitate to email Jan. she is the warmest, more caring person you'll ever meet. A real genuinely kind person with amazing knowledge that can unleash your most deepest desires. thank you Jan and Divinity for giving me so much happiness!

Signed, Grateful....


I was extremely depressed years ago as I was having a terrible experience in my life, I met the man who I can say that he's the only man that I love so deep and wish to marry.

We were happy , however, the fact was that I was the third as this man was going to marry with another lady, my heart was broken however this man was so determined to leave me.

Since then, I began to visited church and temples in order to seek for spiritual help, as I was too impatient, I couldn�t wait until the day they got married, so I began to search for casters who guaranteed to make my wishes come true, so I ran out all of my cash, and made loan to pay for those casters, however, nothing happened except I became a person who suffering from great financial burden with lots unbearable debit.

Even so, I didn't give up, it seemed that my heart urged me to continue for the seeking, then after contacting with some other casters from the internet, I received Jan's reply in hours.

What she told me was very objective, I wonder if she's really wanted to earn my money, as she didn't guarantee me and asked me not to set such time frame, she asked to place all trust and hand all the things to the Divinity, she told me that I should do my part and she gave me many suggestions and with her encouragement, it seems that I had made a good friend in the internet who was so nice in listening to me and replied me with thousands of word.
Anyway, I told myself that I should give myself the last chance , so I asked Jan for help. First of all, she asked me to perform the N.R.P., I felt better after that day by day. At the first, nothing was happened to my case, I wonder if I was not deserved for God's love or if I had done something wrong in the past so that I had to face this Karma.

I e- mailed to Jan again, she replied me again just within a day, she gave me courage and reminded me how to release the spell working. Later on, I tried to forget about him, by meeting up with friends, doing exercises, then contact between my man and me was getting much more.

Everything goes on perfectly, however, I've found that his wife employed someone to make a spell on me, that's why I became so irritated and dreamed of worms and bloods coming from my mouth, which scared me lots, I immediately seek for Jan's help, Jan gave me her helping hands to me immediately even when she was having a trip and was driving for whole day and night, she didn't let me wait more than a day then she did a hex breaking for me then my nightmares never returned!

Weeks later, what I sudden, my man called me. At that moment, my tears nearly came out of my eyes as I couldn't believe that it wasn't a dream, he called me and dated me out, I was so surprised, and I greatly feel the sense that the love of our Divinity flowing into my body that I know the miracles has happened on me---My man has returned!

I don't know how to express all of my gratitude to Jan and her husband James, he interpreted dream for me and worked together with Jan in the hex breaking for me.

Millions of thanks, from all of my heart, they never asked me extra money, what they do is to together with clients , all along, until full manifestation of any given case. What they have done to me is million times than what I paid for, I feel the greatest love of them and Divinity, what Jan and James treat me as if I am their child.

I can see their love to all beings, they are the mirrors of the Divinity. Thanks for everything, my dearest Jan and James, let me came across these darkness and difficult times, and let me know much more about the Love of our greatest Divinity. You two are definitely my angels!

From Cindy Maree


Dear Enchantress Jan,

I would like to share how wonderful Divinity has been to me. Last week I was summoned to court. The lawyer for the children does not like me and have been looking for reasons to help my ex-husband get the kids. So, the social worker and the lawyer worked together to influence the judge.

I prayed to Divinity for help. Sure enough, I went to court and the kid's lawyer was present and so was my ex-husband's lawyer. I did not have a lawyer. The two lawyers ganged up on me. To my surprise the kids lawyer summons the social worker to testify against me.

When the court called for the social worker the reporter stated that she was not going to be able to attend court due to her child being hurt at school ball practice. Divinity has done it again. I am so glad I met you Jan. Divinity is real and will help you. If that social worker had attended court I would have possibly lost my kids. Thanks to Divinity that did not happen.

Love to you Jan, from someone who is so thankful!


Dear Enchantress Jan,

Thank you so much for performing the Advanced Black Magic Hells Fire Curse Spell on my boyfriend. The results are amazing!

This rotten rat had been a liar and cheater during the entire relationship and was only using me. After I ordered your spell results started happening about 3 weeks after the curse. It was exactly as you said.

Divinity has attached Their Dark Angels to his life and he is now getting back 10 fold what he has done to me.

There is no doubt in my mind this is because of Divinity and you. Divinity is REAL and You are truly wonderful and I can't thank you enough for helping me.

Divinity andYou are the REAL DEAL!

S from Colorado


Dear Jan,

Thank you so much for your help. I am amazed at how Divinity can give you what you need. I was targeting someone who I thought was for me. I found out this man was evil and dangerous. Things started happening out of the blue to show me this person was not for me. I didn't want to accept that at first.

One day I was at work and the man that supported me and stood by my side during the abuse from my target was actually the one for me. We became close and dated and I am happier than I have been for years. I never thought I would have the happiness this soon. In a matter of months I found my true love and gained a husband.

Also, Jan, you are so supportive. I have emailed you a million times and you answered each one and have been so supportive. I regret not knowing you sooner. For anyone who does not believe Divinity and Jan are real and powerful, please believe me Divinity is and Jan is. I feel protected by Divinity and protected by Jan.


"I have had Jan help me twice in the last six months. At first I did not know what to expect, however I was quickly put at ease. Each time she offered guidance and encouragement, while taking the time to fully understand my situation.

I was told up front exactly what the results would be, and the results were almost immediate. I fully believe it was a good investment and will continue to her service as my future needs dictate. I am a true believer."

David Deyo

March 15th, 2008


My name is Catherine. I married a man at the age of thirty whose family was well to do. He and his brother were never told "no" for anything they asked for. Their sixteenth birthday presents consisted of a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle and a 57 Chevy that had been fully restored.

Once they graduated from college they were given homes that were completely paid for by their parents. Maybe this was a typical "
silver spoon" situation. If so, then it wouldn�t be out of the ordinary.

My husband and I dated for a year, were engaged for a year, and then married for seven. In July of 2005, I packed my bags, took the kids and moved to Denver. This was the beginning of my nightmare.

We had discussed divorce often, so it was not a surprise to him that I left. However, I was surprised by the wrath and dedication with which my husband sought to destroy my life. Now maybe you have heard of dirty tricks that ex�s do to one another but my husband went over the top.

For starters he took $60k out of our savings, checking and business accounts. He refused to pay for any of our children's expenses.

He stopped paying all bills that were in our names jointly including the vehicle that I was driving. The vehicle was repossessed. He then pulled my credit over forty times on the internet signing me up for mortgage rate checks, credit cards and so on.

As if it were not enough for him to take our liquid assets, not pay child support, cause my vehicle to be repossessed and further wreck my credit, he went even farther. He started abusing our children both physically and emotional.

Having us followed for our the smallest trips to the grocery store to waiting outside my work for a twelve hour shift. For his final act to tip the scales toward my financial destruction, he rerouted my mail from my townhouse back to his residence in Bailey.

I was in the process of trying to refinance my home to lower my payment, due to his lack of child support. My ARM payment had increased, but I was unaware of this because of my missing mail. Finally, he then put a lien on my property, which made it impossible to refinance my home. Needless to say, I lost my home to foreclosure.

It has now been three years. My divorce is still not final. I have lost my home, my cars and my life savings. He continues to fight for full custody of our children even when he refuses to see our oldest.

His behavior and emotional destruction has been encouraged and financially backed by his family and attorneys. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that my husband would stoop to such extremes to destroy not only my life, but our children�s.

The courts, Sheriff department and Social services have been unwilling to help due to the continuance of our divorce. I had exhausted all resources when I found Enchantress Jan.

I asked Enchantress Jan for help and guidance. She gave me very specific instructions to help me enter into my new relationship with Divinity.

It has been less that three weeks. I am seeing positive results from both Enchantress Jan and the work of Divinity.

Today I am proud to say with my new faith in Divinity and my guidance from Jan I was offered the first settlement in three years. This is a huge accomplishment from where I have been.

I will continue my walk with Divinity and Enchantress Jan and trust my future to them. I am excited to see where I will be in a few more weeks. I will keep you updated.

A believer in Divinity,


March 14th, 2008


"I was not doing research on magic and spell casting, but I was looking for genuine help when I stumbled upon this site.

I was at the lowest point of my life: financially, emotionally, physically. I was in crippling pain from an incurable skin affliction.. I had given up.

I longed and prayed to the divine to get some help that was real. I was losing hope and started to believe that nothing was pure or real anymore. I had followed the link from "school of the high magical arts" to this site "blood love and lust spells."

I was basically just going through the notions now of reading magic sites. I was a skeptic, I was tired of falling for the gimmicks of fake spell casters, who had fancy websites and offered empty promises. This seemed to be a new profession for cold hearted amateur thieves and psychos.

Most of them didn't even seem to know anything about spell casting, just the phone number for moneygram and westernunion!

Anyway, I quickly skimmed through this site and decided it seemed too good to be true, however, I happened to bookmark it. About a week later, something urged me to go to this site again. I came back and clicked on the info page. I scrolled down and saw Enchantress Jan's picture which showed her performing a ritual.

My intuition just told me to write to her. Expecting, of course, to get an automated response or some response from a "staff" member, or no response at all. I think I sounded like a a nervous wreck with a world full of problems in my letter to her, I was in agony, I was also suffering from a health problem that was incurable by medical science.

To my surprise, within maybe an hour, Enchantress Jan replied to me herself. She was deeply concerned about my problems and agreed to help me with my situation no matter what the circumstance.

She asked me to not turn away and to give her a chance to help me. I thought it was just the old "bait and switch" trick of the spellcasters. But, I wrote to her again, expecting for her to not respond or tell me she couldn't help me.

She wrote back, saying she would help me no matter what. I was caught off guard!

How could someone: an experienced, powerful, busy professional even take the time out to help me? And, not only this, she had empathy and she deeply cared!..It was unreal.

Following this, Jan took me under her wings like a mother would to a child and started guiding me through the healing process. James also stepped in to help me. It was now their mission to heal my mind, body and soul removing all the negative energies and blockages in order to give me a better life.

It was as if they knew me and knew exactly what was plaguing my life and .. Jan and I must have exchanged a hundred emails, writing all day till the wee hours in the night.

She constantly checked in to see how I was doing and to make sure I was ok. Jan was never too busy to spare a minute to help me and she never got annoyed even though I am sure I was a burden to her at times. She went above and beyond what I could have afford.

I am so glad and forever grateful to be in the hands of such great people- Jan and James.

I wished I had found this website and them earlier in my life. I wish I never fell for all the other lies from other spell websites.

This site is real. Jan and Jim are kind, generous, compassionate, caring people with amazing powers that are beyond.

Without a doubt, they are two of the very few genuine spellcasters and magicians out there and on the web could make anything materialize! "

A, NY.


December 11th, 2007.....from one of our clients in the United Kingdom:

My situation is rather complicated but I will try to explain what has happened.

I am a married man with 4 children under the age of 10 and I work abroad from the UK. At the beginning of February 2007 I found out that my wife was having an affair, unfortunately I was working abroad at the time and did not return home until Valentines day.

On my arrival home I discovered that the other man had taken my wife and children (plus his own child) out for the day and to rub salt into the wound, had used my car to do so.

This man had made promises to my wife that he would care for her and my children and their life would be wonderful. The fact that he is bankrupt and is drawing benefit for his own child made no difference to my wife so I was persona non grata.

Obviously I was wiped out but any attempts I made to talk to my wife were just ignored.

Just to complicate matters for me, I had to keep working abroad because of my work and also I have a large mortgage to pay.

At the beginning of April my wife left home completely and moved in with him. It was then that she told me she was pregnant so another bombshell had been dropped into my lap.

I could not understand how a woman who was so devoted to her own children could just go and leave them. What was the hold he had over her to make her do this?

So now the situation is that my wife has left, she is pregnant, I have 4 children to look after and also have to hold down my job. Could anything else go wrong. Yes.

She started pushing me to divorce her on adultery otherwise she would divorce me on one of the stupid laws that they have in the UK.

What made the situation worse was that now on the rare occasion when I did go to work she would have to come back to look after the children. This made it worse for her as they did not want her here.

By now I had completely run out of ideas as to what to do. It was at this time while I was surfing the net during one of my sleepless nights that I came accross spell casters.

I thought why not as I had nothing to lose, well I tried a few casters and I did have something to lose, money. I had absolutely no results at all then again one night in early July I came accross Blood, Love and Lust Spells.

Having read everything on that site then everything on the Blood Love And Lust Spells site, I sent Jan a mail for which I received an immediate response and decided to follow it through so the ball was rolling.

I paid for my spells and sent off the imprints and waited for advice. I started the NRP but dismally failed when on the 5th night I fell asleep so the candle burnt all the way down.

After a 2 hour telephone conversation with James and using the runes I started the second NRP which went well except for the fact that I had to go to Egypt so had to transport it which worried me. Anyway I completed the NRP in the western desert in Egypt.

It was on my return from there that things started to happen. I started to receive telephone calls from my wife, normally when they had a major argument then at the end of August she moved back home with us.

The other man would not give up but on the 18th of September he finally showed her what he had been after all along and blew his case wide open.
Well, it is now the 11th of December 2007.

The woman who I have loved and do love is home and one week ago she gave birth to a little girl which myself and my children have accepted and she is part of our family.

10 months ago I did not know which way to turn and could not dream that the situation would have totally reversed as it has now.

My relationship with my wife is now better that it has been for a very long time, it is not perfect yet but we are working at it.

It has been a very difficult year both emotionally and financially. The emotional side has improved and hopefully the financial side will too then perhaps the rest of my wishes will come true.

I owe my situation now to the efforts of Jan and James but most of all to Divinity. Without Divinity I would not be where I am now.

There is a lot more to my testimonial but for obvious reasons I can not put all of it down here.

Do not expect an immediate reply as most of the countries and places I work do not have mail or mobile access.


Dear Enchantress Jan,

I would like to thank you so much for your help. A month ago I was so depressed and unemployed. I requested your help for money and luck.

I was so impatient I started to doubt the spell work. So I emailed you with my concerns. You emailed me with a letter that was so powerful and true.

I followed your advice and a week or two later. I got a job , the next few days I ran into my new boss and got a promotion and men are falling at my feet on the job.

I can't believe this. Thank you so much for your help. I am a client for life and a believer now.
Love to you,

from Someone who is grateful to you...


I was having extreme difficulties with a guy whom I
had been in a long term relationship with.....I was so
tense....I tried many spell casters but they made my
case more difficult...

I was sinking very fast in pain,
sorrow, and confusion. I was so hopless about my
relation. I was dead from inside..was so confused about
on whom I should trust.

By Luck I got Jan. She welcomed
me no hesitation. She guided me helpled me in every
way. I used to write her so many emotional letter
sharing my sad story she never got irritated and
always gave me good advices. She always treated me as a

Me and my guy had a break up. He had an affair
with other girl. He betrayed me. He was always so rude
with me, was so careless.

She did love spell for me. Just within 1 month I got my
guy back. He left that girl and came back to me begging
me forgivness. This was unbelieveable for me. He is now
so good with me. I never saw him like this before. He is
so caring now. He gives me his full attention.

This is really a miracle for me. I still feel that I'm
dreaming because it was really so impossible thing but
Jan and James made it possible. I will keep telling all
my friends and everyone that might need help about Jan
and James and their amazing web site here.

Thank you
so much Jan and James I am so grateful to you both. You
are angels for me sent by Lord.

Love you Jan, you are a
real deal,real friend a gift for me from Lord.

From Hira

I understand that you may be pre-occupied with doubt, confusion, and worry but I can personally vouch for High Enchantress Jan because she will help make a difference in your life!

I had absolutely no idea about her nor her services prior to my situation, I had spent so much time, effort, and energy also money thrown away to trying to make things better on my on and using the services of phony sites that did nothing but use me and cause my pain to grow deeper....

One day feeling hopeless and truly down just like I had not where else to turn I found her site. Call it coincidence, I call it Divine intervention.

From that day forth after I began contact with Jan she not only helped me to gain more spiritual insight, she helped me become more confident in myself and I started to feel the load lift off my shoulders.

All this happened before she even did the spell work , but what is greater is that not only did her spell work to bring my daughter's father/boyfriend back to me out of a situation that everyone thought it would be impossible to leave, I also was presented with very many suitors that wanted to have serious relationships with me.

I had never had so many caring men in my life at once trying to date me. However because I felt as if my ex was my soul mate so I chose him!

I can tell you this if you trust her to do the spell work as you begin to release negative aspects in you mind, like doubt, fear, worry, and trust that the Divine Creator will supply you with your wants and needs then things will work out just fine!~!

I know that it is very hard to do this when bad things happen to us and we feel like there is no end in sight, however....hold on to some ray of hope let High Enchantress Jan guide you through and allow for time.

She cast my spell almost 2 months ago and he came back about 1 month later and has been here for 3wks. He proposed to me and has now be showing me the love I deserve. If you are going to trust anyone to help you in this arena trust Jan....Anyone else would just rip you off believe me!

From Christina.


I contacted Jan for a money spell because I was in severe debt and did not see an out. Not only did Jan cast the money spell for me, but answered all of my e-mails dealing with another difficult situation in my life, my difficult daughter. Jan did not have to bother giving advice on how to deal with this child but I know she did it so Divinity would see that I deserved a blessing by having a clean aura.

I have always known that spells do work depending upon the spell casters capabilities and when I spoke with Jan I found that her methods are true methods as I have in the past did an awful lot of studying on the many styles of magic.

My spell result did have a weird twist to it. My house was sold and the home that I was purchasing was sold to me at a cheaper price than what was agreed upon between me and the seller because her agent made a mistake costing her client thousands of dollars. There was an original offer presented to her before finding out 2 other people wanted the house I wanted to buy.

My agent and I presented a new offer with next to no conditions that could be met at an alarming speed and full purchase price. Well after years and years of experience in my small town, this agent got her client to agree and sign the wrong offer on the confirmation of acceptance line, then delivered this wrong offer to my agent which was ultimately the original lower priced offer making this the only legal offer.

This transaction is the effect of magic as I have never in my life heard of an agent with years of experience not make one, but 2 mistakes costing her client thousands of dollars. My agent even said, and I quote: "There's got to be some kind of higher power working on your behalf."

Thank you Jan for your amazing spell casting capabilities and look forward to future business with you. From Susan

My name is Dave. I was having extreme difficulties with a woman whom I had been in a long term relationship with. Her family was controlling her every move and her children difficult in the extreme.

Things had deteriorated to the point that she was so depressed she couldn't function, our relationship was non-existent and she trusted no-one.

I contacted High Enchantress Jan, she new immediately what to do and a course of action was decided upon.

Within days she began to become her old self again. Within the month she was almost back to her old self.

I did not know what to think when I contacted Jan, though I was a little skeptical at first.

I can tell you that magic is very real and the changes brought were nothing short of a miracle.

The spell work succeeded where all else had failed.

Dave D.


Dear Blood Love And Lust Spell my name is Christina and I abide in living in the country of El Salvadore.

Enchantress did me the most strong and fast spells! This young lady Enchantress Jan you know she has many abilitie that cannot be explained that had me so surpriseing- i told all of my family and friends about her. I recommend these magic lady very highly as she clearly is noted for her astoundlingly quick spell and so strong too------ and I will come back and see her again and again. She even spells one of my loved ones that almos die and the reikki healed them! Pleeas ecuses my english but I am fro,m El Salvadore, and cannot type englishes very well, but this lady must have LOTS of angelica because I could sense them all around her as I listened to her sweet voice over the phone and so many nice beautiful emails also. These all happen for me when I vavacation to the USA only a week ago. Thank you Enchantress you are truly a magical lady and I am true in speaking that surely all of your angelica that stay with you! Pleaaese come and visit ,my home country a s we would be delight in a visit from you! See you soon- I will be beack soon for more readings and will bring all of my family and friends that need help in theire live. I mean by ending this letter that all I can say about the time I have with Enchantress is WOW as they many say in the American englishes languarges and in speaking so,

Love and all the best wish to you Enchantress you have change my live always it is heaven now ane wond not be ever the same again ..........Chrismina De Soriamanga- from El Salvadore

Before I came to this site I was sinking very fast in pain, sorrow, and confusion. I had completely lost sight and direction as to my purpose in life and I was very miserable! I felt so hurt from a suddend and recent break-up of a 3yr relationship I thought that I would never get past it. I came desperately seeking help and guidance and that's when I met High Encantress Jan.

Jan supported and guided me through the Negativity Releasing Prayer and advised me on how to Release the Spell. After two weeks of follwing her guidance and with help from our Divine creator I feel much better than I have in years. I have higher self-esteem and my path out of the darkness that I was experiencing from the lonliness has been lit with a new found self love that no one can take from me.

I have learned that if i do not love myself and put my Divine Creator above all then I cannot give and truly receive the long lasting unconditional love that I seek. I also realized that there were many negative attitudes and behavior that I had to release and remove from my life that were stopping me from loving myself and getting the love I need from Divinity.

Now I am at peace and in a serene place in my mind, heart, and spirit and I feel totally surrounded by light! I don't believe that my meeting Jan and coming across this sight was a coincidence it was Divine intervention! Thank you so much for helping save my life! Truly, Christina

Jan is absolutely wonderful. I came to her feeling hopeless and desperate. She welcomed me with no hesitation. I can't thank her enough for the wonderful treatment she gave me. Not only did she answer all my emails but she educated me on the way in understanding the whole process.

Numerous times I emailed her an emotional wreck and having these up and down days and no matter what, she was there for me. She always had some advice to help me make it through. I am very happy with my results. When I came to Jan, my significant other was not communicating with me. He was not responding to me, no phone calls, emails, nothing and I felt that I had lost him.

My significant other and I are closer than we ever been and things are continuously progressing between us. No longer do I feel him being distant from me nor are we having communication issues. We are even talking about plans for the future together. I am so thankful to Jan. She is that real deal.

Very Sincerely, from Miss Michigan.

I have never seen a spell peoples that are a licensed company actually that have a business license to cast magic spells. Jan provided me with the business license contact information and I checked it out for myself. I said to myself "no way- these nice people are a business spell casters that are licensed" which is very rare, I would say.

I was lost and alone and did not have a friend in the world since my one and only love left me, which was my boyfriend last year. With nowhere else to go, I told myself that this was my last try with spell work since every other spell web site that I used had scammed me for almost every money I had.

Somehow something told me I should go with Jan and James - and I cannot tell everyone who reads this enough great things about them and how they went out of their ways to help me when nobody else even cared.

I started my spells with Jan and James and after only a week got my results for my spells. My boyfriend was gone for a whole year and off with another woman. The last I heard my boyfriend was going to marry the other woman, and I was lost and had no hope. Late one night I found their web site, and I was glad I did because truly I am telling everyone that what these wonderful people Jan and James do REALLY WORKS and FAST!

Jan and James are such a wonderful and very loving couple--- and they did a very strong spell for me that brought my boyfriend calling me after only the fourth day after the spell was done. My boyfriend told me that the other woman was not the one he wanted and that he loves and missed me more than anything! I was so excited I called Jan right away to tell her and James the great news that my boyfriend and I were making plans to unite after over a year of being apart.

I recommend anyone that is looking for spell people that know what they are doing and have more experience and wisdom, call Jan and James- you will get what you want, and much more. Jan and James are the kindest people and they are really here for me when I need them. I am happy and very pleased and know that if I need a spell or know someone that does, I will send them to Jan and James quickly!

I will keep telling all my friends and everyone that might need help about Jan and James and their amazing web site here. Thank you I am so grateful now my boyfriend and I are getting married next month, and I have already send Jan and James an invitation to our wedding!

I hired Jan and Jim around the middle of May of this year (2007) to reunite my girlfriend and I. We had been on again off again since May of last year. She has an eating disorder that contributed a lot to some of our problems (and my not understanding of it or her) along with my losing a job and being under tremendous stress.

We got back together each time but it never seemed to last very long, 2 months at best. This happened 3 times during the course of our relationship. I met her around the end of May of last year. I broke up with her in August of last year. I was instantly sorry that I did. I wanted her back at that time but she did not want me back and I did not know what to do.

I went on line and learned all about spell casters and spent a lot of money on them that I did not have to spend with what I thought to be not very good results or results that I felt they did not even produce. And I also felt weird about doing this, like I might have been turning her into some kind of zombie or something. And we always wound up breaking up later on anyway. And most of these people could not be directly contacted via telephone and the ones that could after receiving payment. would not return my calls or try to squeeze more money out of me.

When my ex and I broke up in Feb. again I broke up with her and was instantly sorry that I did and I tried to get back together with her and she would not take me back. I went on the Internet again and went into a search engine and typed in licensed spell casters. I thought for sure nothing would come up.

But a few did. I called Jim and Jan 1st. I asked them for info on their business license still not thinking they were for real and they provided me with everything I asked for and after really researching and reading about the process on one of their web sites it made a lot of sense to me. I also realized that this involved prayer and that I would not be turning my ex into a zombie.

I felt a lot better about that. I hired them a few weeks after contacting them. I followed their instructions, I actually even did not do the NRP perfectly and before I was even done it I ran into my ex and we reconciled. She was happy to be back with me, her whole attitude had changed.

I 100% believe this was directly attributable to the efforts put forth with Jan and Jim thru to God and the ancient prayers said. Not only that, and folks I am for real, these people have gone above and beyond the call of duty and even sent me links via e-mail to assist in aiding to help get me another job. They also have talked to me on numerous occasions, not even about my case but as friends which I truly now consider them to be.

I have a professional background, I am an intelligent guy (and believe me after what I had allowed happen to me with earlier spell casters when I was desperate, I made sure I was careful this time around) and let me tell you these guys are the real thing. I am back with my ex and although things are not exactly perfect, they are pretty close to it and I do see that we are both more forgiving of each other, something I asked for in my prayer to Divinity (God or Jehovah).

In fact almost everything that I have asked for in that prayer has come true except for my job situation but I see that changing in the very near future. Not only are these guys real but they are also very kind and caring individuals. And they really want the best for their clients.

I suggest to study their web sites, and then contact them. As long as you follow their simple instructions and are sincere about what you are doing I truly believe that you will see results. My ex and I have been back together for a month now. This was written on July 7th, 2007.

I started using this service back in May and the first and most powerful thing I noticed was the fact that the Reiki Jan performs is very powerful and amazing.

It calms you and your thoughts, relaxes you and clears your mind. It really works!

She works with you throughout the entire process, carefully listening and responding to your every need.

I feel wonderful and lucky to have come across this website. When she is working for you, things start to happen, even little things you did not expect. I would definitely recommend this service.

From Jackie in Canada.


My name is Eric. What can I say my life was going down the toilet and fast. It seemed everything was going wrong. Whether it was my love life finances. I was stuck in depression. I can even tell you I was close to suicide.

I was out of hope and most importantly I was out of faith. Well I happen to come across Jan and Jims website. Since i been working with them Let me tell you life has just been getting better and better everyday, they restored my hope and faith.

They showed me how truly great I am. If i can give any advice to anyone out there, it would be to just listen to them and believe dont give up no matter what, no matter how bad your situation is please believe its gonna get better and that my friends is faith and it will bring you to great things in life.

Goodluck to all who having troubles now it can be a hard road but it will get better just listen to them and keep hope and faith, you will be alright I promise.

I want to let you all know that since Jan cast the spells for me, I feel amazing! I have had spells performed for me before, but I really feel a difference with Jan! I feel cleansed in a sense, like I am healed from obsessing over the situation with ------.

Speaking of which- he has called me a couple of times to speak with me, but I am following her advise in how I am dealing with him now. I myself have 2 job interviews to go to tomorrow; both for positions that I would actually enjoy doing and for more money! (I am really unhappy in my current position at a bank.)

I know it is still early, I just wanted to let you know how even over just the past 48 hours I feel so much better! I truly feel like the spells Jan has done for me are going to be the last I ever need to get ------ and the life I have always dreamed of and wanted for myself!

She even expedited the casting for me and has been counseling me since my situation is very stubborn and I was handling it all wrong with ------!
I am going to recommend Jan to everyone I know that is having similar problems in their love lives!
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